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Race and racism in Canada

I've been thinking a lot about racism, as is most of the world, especially here in North America. I'm currently reading with my conscious book club "So You Want to Talk About Race" by Ijeoma Oluo and this has me thinking about race and racism here at home, in Canada. There have been a lot of resources and book lists shared within my network however as most of my friends on social media are south of the border I was thinking I need to do better, and explore it from a Canadian perspective as well. I'm also learning that I need to look at who is publishing these 'lists' and acknowledging what voices are still not being heard.

Here are a few titles that I will be reading over the next few months, and i'm curious what you have read and what you recommend as well.

Racism is alive and well in Canada! Do not be fooled by our niceness and apologies. We need to do better.

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