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How to find the right therapist

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

5 quick tips on finding the right therapist for you

A therapist listening to a client in therapy

If you are new to therapy, or haven't been in years, it can probably feel like an overwhelming task to know where to start. First and foremost you should know that many studies have been done regarding what makes therapy effective and you'll be happy to know that it has less to do with modality and more to do with finding the right fit. We call this the therapeutic relationship. In other words, while what kind of therapy you are seeking is good to know and understand, finding a therapist that you feel comfortable with is what will lead to success.

Here are few tips on how you might go about finding the right therapist for you.

Tip #1 - Check out Psychology Today

Psychology Today is a repository for people in the psychology or mental health field. You can search by location, gender, modality and other specific fields such as availability and cost. You can also trust that you are finding a credentialed professional as Psychology Today does verify that people are who they say they are and that their licensing is up to date.

Here is a link to my Psychology Today profile so you can see what it looks like:

Here is the general search page:

Tip #2 - Ask a friend

If any of your friends or co-workers are in therapy ask them for a referral if they like their therapist and are comfortable sharing their name. Please note that if there is any conflict

of interest (i.e. relationship with) this person, the therapist may not be able to take you on. They may be able to refer you to someone else of similar background and training if so.

Tip #3 - Check out the therapists website

If you have found a few therapists that interest you, check out their personal websites. You can get a good feel for who the therapist is, how they work and more. Read their bio, check out their education, certifications and interests.

Here is a link to my website, to see what I've written and explained about me:

Tip #4 - Schedule a consultation (or 3)

Before booking any full sessions I recommend you schedule a few consultations. These can be done by phone or video chat. It usually takes about 10-15 minutes and you can ask any questions you have about the therapist, how they work and what the process looks like. You'll provide the therapist some details about yourself what issues of concern you have and then you can decide if it feels like a good fit for both of you. A good therapist will be able to answer your questions and also be honest with you about their experience and ways they can support you.

Tip #5 - Jump in, give feedback and course correct as needed

Once you've found a therapist that feels like a good fit, schedule a few sessions. I usually start off seeing clients on a weekly basis and then can move to bi-weekly as needed. You should know by the end of 3 sessions if it's still a good fit, if the direction being taken is right for you. Don't be afraid to give feedback to your therapist. They will appreciate it (I know I do). Also, if it's not working for you, let them know and ask for a referral to someone else. Don't ghost your therapist (we have feelings too)!

It comes down to one thing

The right fit for you!

Therapy can be an overwhelming, scary and amazing journey. You want to make sure you feel safe, seen and heard along the way. Registered Psychotherapists are highly trained and caring people to work with. Having a good therapist on your team can be life changing.

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