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Welcome to Integration Therapy.  My name is Karen, and I'm glad you are here. Starting therapy can feel scary, and choosing the right therapist might feel daunting.  Here's a little more about me and my training.  Feel free to reach out for a consultation so I can answer any questions you have. 

  • Registered Psychotherapist
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My Story

I am a registered psychotherapist, athlete, HSP (highly sensitive person), biohacker, intersectional feminist, and life adventurer. Prior to getting a masters in counselling psychology, I worked as a pharmacist in clinical settings, biotech and sales. I'm also trained as a massage therapist.  I've managed teams and projects but my passion lies in working with people one on one or in small group settings. 
I have experience working with trauma and addiction, relationship and intimacy issues, as well as depression, and anxiety. I support people with workplace stress and burnout and those making life and career changes. My practice includes support and advocacy around the challenges of being neurodiverse in a world made for neurotypicals (i.e. ADHD, ASD, HSP/SPS, SPD). I am poly and kink friendly.
I am formally trained as a relational psychodynamic therapist with a strong foundation in attachment.  This framework aims to help people gain insight into the unconscious processes that drive their behaviours and contribute to ongoing issues or patterns. 
Through an integrative approach, we will address what is present in the moment, and what is stored in your body by way of trauma or past hurts that are affecting your day to day life.
I truly believe that an honest and trusting relationship with a therapist can be the start of a path towards healing and growth.
Sometimes we just need a little push!
Lastly, I stay on top of the latest science and research surrounding psychedelic therapy and how they will assist in the treatment of trauma, PTSD and other disorders in the near future.
If you are interested in learning more about these powerful psychedelic medicines please reach out. 



Integrative Sex Therapy Institute & Evergreen Certifications

Certified Sex Therapy Informed Professional (CSTIP)


Arizona Trauma Institute


Institute of Traditional
Medicine (ITM)


ATMA Academy


Level 1 Training

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist


Certificate in End of Life Care

Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy Training

Consciousness Medicine

Based on the readings of Consciousness Medicine; a course exploring expanded states & getting familiar with the observing self, potential for creating new patterns and self-supportive, and sustaining a more balanced and healthy life.


Relational Life Institute

Level 1 Training

Couples counseling that aims to help partners resolve conflicts, develop personal accountability, improve communication, and foster intimacy within their relationship. The Goal is Relationship Empowerment through relational mindfulness.



Registered Psychotherapist

CRPO Registration Number 009067


California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)

Marriage & Family Intern @ Golden Gate Integral Counselling Centre

Individual, and couple therapy in a clinical setting, under full supervision. Clinical training and group therapy. Case grand rounds.


California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)

Master of Arts,
Integral Counselling Psychology,


If you are needing support, please reach out today!


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