My Specialties

Highly Sensitive People

I specialize in helping Highly Sensitive People move from feeling overwhelmed, burnt out and misunderstood to feeling confident, and regulated.

Being highly sensitive is can be a gift, however possessing the trait can make life difficult. 

Noticing and absorbing so much subtlety can easily lead to over-stimulation and overwhelm. Society tends to see sensitivity as a weakness (even though it truly is a strength). Sensitive people are often mischaracterized and misunderstood.

As a highly sensitive person I can relate to your lived experience, and support you with your challenges and help you find meaning and calm in your life.

Stressed Woman


Helping athletes process experiences and find healthy coping skills to manage the stress and pressure that comes with their position. 


I can help you have a more balanced life outside of your athletic identity.

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Group Therapy

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HSP Education & Support Group

Support Group Session


Neurodiversity speaks to the variation in neurological functioning in humans. The neurodiversity movement urges us to recognize neural and biological differences, to understand that not every brain works the same. There are different ways of perceiving the world, capacities to reason and think critically, and sensitivities to environmental stimuli.

I support clients with ADHD, ASD, and other sensory processing issues. I offer nonjudgmental, person-centered, affirming therapy, including psycho-education, skills, advocacy, and more.

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Attachment & Trauma

Trauma therapy is a form of talk therapy aimed at treating the emotional & mental health consequences of trauma.

Trauma can be acute, chronic or complex. Acute trauma results from a single incident. Chronic trauma is repeated and prolonged such as domestic violence, neglect or abuse. These types of developmental traumas can lead to attachment issues down the road.

We will work on reducing any symptoms of PTSD associated with your trauma, identifying triggers, and working to calm your nervous system down.

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Group Therapy

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Trauma & Attachment Skills & Process Group

In-Person (Annex or West End)

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