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How to add more 'hell yes' into your life

As a highly sensitive person maybe you find yourself saying 'no' more than you'd like. I know I do. I often have grand ideas of joining a toastmasters group, starting a book club, trying that new restaurant and volunteering at the local museum. All of these sound amazing and align with the life I want to lead, but at the end of day and by the time Friday rolls around I often just want to curl up into a ball and do nothing.

Since starting my own private practice I'm not only the therapist, but also the social media manager, the admin, and the accountant! What I also had to learn was that maybe, just maybe I can't see as many clients per week as some of my colleagues, especially if I want to do anything outside of work.

Learning your own limitations isn't a bad thing. You may not initially like what you find out, but trust me, accepting and knowing your capacity is a good thing. Accepting that your work week might look different than others or may not include as many hours behind the computer is one place to start. The other is around building habits and structure to support all of your life, not just your work life. If you enjoy exercising, make it a priority, if you want your weekends to be full of activities, make sure your week doesn't kill you. Go to bed earlier, drop that Netflix subscription for a few months and see how many hours of your life you get back! Saying yes will also include saying no to things you don't want to be doing. Be more intentional with your socializing. Before saying an automatic yes, check in with yourself, is this how I want to be spending my time? Or am I doing it out of some obligation or because I've always just done it.

What things do you want to be doing that you're not? What things are you doing that you could say NO to or outsource in some way?

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